Darkness Within – Milestone #1 Complete

We have completed what we consider to be the first milestone. The outline of our first book, Darkness Within, is complete. Weighing in at over 20,000 words spanning 32 chapters this marks the beginning of the actual writing process.

Let there be no doubt, writing this kind of outline has been INDISPENSABLE as a guide to locate and repair plot holes, pacing slip ups, and other things that would have taken ages to find and fix in the rough draft.

Once the outline was printed out with page breaks at the chapter breaks it stretched to 44 pages. So any of our original fears that the Darkness Within might be short are well and truly squashed. Now there is fear that it is too long 🙂 which that is a good thing. We have a story to tell and some really entertaining characters to explore and they all deserve room to grow and fully develop…

I wonder if we will cross the 1,000,000 word mark by the time we end the series?

We have quite the team of editors setup who are eagerly awaiting the actual chapters so without further ado I’m off, poor Borlin needs to be introduced to the world… too bad when he wakes up it is covered in blood he has spilled.

-Philip and Amanda

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