Writers update – End of February 2013

It has been a little while since we published something here so we wanted to take the time to keep you posted on what has been happening on our progress towards our first book and other things. So here is our end of February update.

Things have been relatively quiet since completing our first major milestone, the outline. (20,000 words mind you) That is not to say nothing has been getting done, just this is the phase where getting things done is less flash and more churning out the story.

So on the writing front:

We worked very hard to bring the Prologue and Chapter 1 to a publishable state, pushing our editors pretty hard to get it done. We posted that as soon as it was deemed ready and even threw it up on scribd.com so it would reach a bigger audience. So far the reaction has been very positive.

We have spent the rest of the time hammering out how were will actually go through the writing / editing process for the rest of the book as we push forward. Some authors write a whole manuscript in one go then edit it later. These same authors also don't do a complex outline which only adds to the editing process. We take a decidedly different approach, one I would imagine few people take... mainly because we are co-authoring a book. Over the last 6 chapters (20,000 ish words) we have done it like this:

Phil Rough draft - Phil Basic edit - Amanda Edit - Group edit - First outside editor - Group Edit again - Second outside editor - Group edit - Final.

This slow methodical process isn't as orderly as you might imagine. For example Phil completed the first stage of Chapter 6  while we await chapters 2,3,4,5 from various stages of the outside editors process. So we don't wait for one to be finished before we move on 🙂

Speaking of what we have written this month, Chapter 5 was one of the most emotionally draining items we have ever created. Edge of your seat tension, horrifying imagery, and copious amounts of violence. We hope it incites nightmares 🙂

On other fronts:

We made the decision, as you might have already seen, to start attending SFF (Science Fiction / Fantasy) conventions as soon as the end of March so we can start connecting with people.We are looking forward to this A LOT!!

I rebuilt the back-end of this website. Really just getting together a fan-mail list that hooks directly to our subscribers. Before it was the jumbled mess that WordPress presents. Now it is one unified subscription process, which will help when we go to give out free copies of our book!

We changed the ETA of our first book. Internally we are aiming for April 30th to have the manuscript fully in the hands of the outside editors. So that means 3 chapters a week which is very doable without killing ourselves. Which also means a late Q2 release of our first book! I'll update the release schedule once it is looking like a sure thing.

On a completely geek note (as if the SFF con's wasn't geeky enough) We started to play a new (new to us anyway) MMO.  We started playing Rift. So far it is pretty enjoyable, give it a try! They have their first 20 levels free on a "lite" version of the game so it's pretty risk free.

I think that we will just post one of these every month, regardless of other updates. It is nice recapping.

-Phil and Amanda


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