Writers Update – End of March 2013

As promised, here is our end of March 2013 update. Just a way to keep our fans posted on what we are up to in and out of the book.

I know it has been rather quiet lately, part of that is from health issues but most of it is because as we crank through each chapter our heads are down and we barely have time to come up for air. So this update will largely be personal notes.

But there is a bit to report on the book front:

It looks like the more aggressive release schedule will not happen. We were hoping to have the manuscript finished by April 30th (as opposed to our published release of Q'3 2013) but that will likely be pushed back to sometime in may, still within Q2 so that is good news.

Speaking of good news, in preparation for our first book we started a media campaign that included Facebook, this website, and twitter. We are quite surprised, and pleased, to find our number of Twitter followers has steadily grown, now over 480. Not too bad!


Amanda: Has started to re-read the Merry Gentry series from Laurell K. Hamilton.

Philip: Read Neil deGrasse Tyson's book: Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries and is currently reading The First Law series. (Having issues getting into it, no offense to Joe but it isn't really my style.)

Other items of interest:

Unfortunately due to the briefly mentioned health issues we were unable to attend Norwescon 🙁 We were looking forward to our first convention but just could not swing it. We will post when we will be going to another con, far off but Orycon and Westercon are on the schedule!

March was full of bad news, neither of us got accepted into the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) beta test. Rift has proven to be quite fun for both of us and should hold us over until the release of ESO.

-Phil and Amanda

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