Beta Readers Needed

We are looking for about a dozen people to become beta readers for our first book (and the following books too!) Come join us in the adventure that is writing a book!


Since we are restarting the war machine and making progress once again on our first book, The Darkness Within, we decided that we would like some feedback from people who are not our editing circle by enlisting a few beta readers.

How it Works

We will start by posting Act 1 (12 Chpaters) to our closed Facebook group and from there post new chapters as we feel the are ready for review. The chapters will be posted in PDF format. If you do not have Facebook we can Email you the chapters but you will not be able to take part in discussions with other beta readers.

We would then like your constructive criticism as soon as possible. Tell us; what you loved, what you hated, your suggestions, any continuity errors, ETC. While we cannot promise that we will make every change you suggest, we will take every criticism seriously.

There is no set date for each chapter, they will come as we can get them to you.

What do you get?

Besides the enjoyment of seeing the work as it comes out, and having a "1st edition" of our work, we will add your name to the acknowledgment page of the book as a permanent Thank You!! (This will be included forever, in digital and physical copies of the book, unless you ask us to remove your name.)

Please use the contact from HERE to be considered. Please include the titles some of your favorite fantasy books and why you would like to be a beta reader.


-Philip and Amanda

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