Let the Writing Begin (Again)

Some great news!! I am happy to report that after our long hiatus new writing has resumed!

So what happened? After our Kickstarter project, where we did not hit our financial goals but far surpassed our interest goals, a series of unfortunate events occurred. Nothing too terrible, but when all combined they did prevent any meaningful progress towards our books.

All of that is behind us, and like Borlin with his axe, we refuse to let go and give up. We have resumed writing, gotten our preliminary editing back on schedule, and have a goal to hit 60,000 words (total) this month towards our first book, The Darkness Within. We are still as excited as ever to get these stories into the hands of the public, actually more so since we had a chance to re-read the first 8 chapters from a fresh perspective and we found we emotionally connected more with the story than we had remembered. Which is a wonderful feeling as new authors!!

So keep an eye on this site, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed to keep up with our progress!!!

-Philip and Amanda

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