August 2013 Writers Update

August, wow what a month!! It's been a long time so here we go!

First things first, it is great to be back at writing again! As explained in other posts we ended up taking a break from writing for the last few months. So we started this month with the resolution to continue. We set a really lofty goal of reaching a total word count of 60,000, which would mean 24,000 words written. Early on we knew that wasn't going to happen, taking so much time off like we did, we needed to give our previous chapters a read through and edit so that took out about a week of work. However, despite that and a very entertaining camping trip we did manage 46,966 total words, so we are making great progress.

On the making progress note, we are nearing in on our next Milestone; finishing Act I! It is doubly exciting because we will start sending out those early chapters to our Beta Readers. Looking forward to some feedback outside our current circle.

Besides getting back to work on our first book, we found that our original artist found full-time employment and no longer had time for commissioned work. So we started a search for a new artist. It took some time, but we finally found an artist whose ability and style matched our expectations. Have a look at the Character Portraits page to take a peek at the old and the new artists.

The last bit of news is that we are planning on attending Orycon 2013 this year. During our hiatus we missed a few cons so we are looking forward to getting out and geeking out. Oh, that does remind me. Speaking of geeking out, we downloaded the Magic the Gathering 2013 game on the Games With Gold Xbox promotion and it prompted us to get back into the actual card game. We haven't really played since we were in our early 20's so we are having a blast.

Ok, that's it for August, 2013. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

-Philip and Amanda Brooks

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