September 2013 Writers Update

Better late than never! Here is what has been happening this last September on a semi-personal, semi-professional basis on our writing journey.

Ahh September, how you slipped past us with far too much speed. We had planned on having a draft of Act 1 completed, a polished version for our beta readers, and be deep into Act 2.

Well, we completed the draft of Act 1. That's 12 chapters, weighing in at an unpolished 50,600 words. To put that into perspective that is about 170 pages. Then we started to polish them up so our beta readers would have something to do 🙂 We spent more time than we planned tweaking and editing, cutting and re-writing and ended up closing out the month still editing.

Keep in mind we accomplished that while dealing with a dying laptop!

We have always known that writing is a learning process, so we were not disheartened. We have learned a lot, and our writing has grown in leaps and bounds. It will continue to evolve, as it does with all authors. We dare you to find a single author whose first book reads like their last (assuming they wrote more than one!).

In-between our editing and re-writing we spent time enjoying an unusually long and pleasant summer. Last year we had what felt like only 3 days of summer, so we had to enjoy it! Lots of trips to the park with our dogs, Lady and Cody! Which is great exercise and a wonderful chance for Amanda and I to talk through points in our book.

Speaking of our dogs, our Shih Tzu, Lady, had to have emergency dental surgery to remove a painful mass in her mouth. We spent a good chunk of time babying her, to the detriment of progress on our book. But, we are happy to say she is 100% better! Maybe we'll post some pictures of our kids in another blog post.

Sadly the cost of that combined with the death of our main laptop means we will likely not be able to go to Orycon this year.

On the lighter side, with the new laptop came new (old) distractions. We ended up grabbing a wonderful MSI gaming laptop and we ended up installing Oblivion on it. Yes we know it is old, but Skyrim was so limited in scope that we just always seem drawn back to the grandeur of Oblivion.

Wow, these posts are getting a bit long-winded. Suppose I should refocus my efforts back to the book and stop blogging 🙂

-Philip and Amanda

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