Is it May 2014 Already? – Writer’s Update

Well now, when it rains it pours doesn't it? I know it's been a long while since our last update but now that things are starting to settle down we might actually get back to writing!

When we last left our band of heroes, (the authors), they had just begun a massive change to their lives. One designed to further their goals of home ownership and publishing an awesome series of books. Let's take a look and see how things went.

Ouch! oh my. Oh my g- No!!!!!!!

Yea, that pretty much sums it up! We had planned on moving in with friends, exchanging remodeling work on their detached garage for free/reduced rent for a few years so we could save up the money to buy a home and publish our book. Sadly after getting screwed over by both our new and old ISP's to the tune of $1000 each, and our share of the bills being double what was expected our plan was off to a rocky start, to say the least.

Then tragedy struck our little family, our little pug Cody became ill and died suddenly after only 5 years with us. As we have no children our animals are our kids so this hit us especially hard.

Then, in a Coup de grĂ¢ce, just as we were starting to recover and move into our partially remodeled Garage-turned-apartment Amanda fell off the roof while cleaning years of built-up moss and broke her wrist. Did I ever mention she is an avid saxophone player? Yea, so to insure her recovery she had to have a plate surgically implanted into her wrist and is still, two months later, barely able to move it.

Well since she was our primary income we found ourselves in quite the pickle... Luckily I found a menial day job that can help pay the bills while she is on the mend. Which I think catches you all up. It wasn't all bad.

On the positive side of things we both learned valuable skills in construction. You can see a bit of what we did on our YouTube channel for that project: HERE
Oh, and thanks to the ACA Oregon was able to cover our medical expenses for Amanda's accident which saved us about $18,000 so we owe the system a lot of volunteer work!!!

With any luck we should start to see progress on our books again soon! Hang in there folks!


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