Website Redesign, Also… We’re Alive

It's been a bit since we last posted (seems like a familiar story doesn't it? Well, you try writing a book 😛 ) Anyway we're alive!

I am happy to report that things have been substantially better in Authorland these last 6 months. We have completed our construction project, Amanda's wrist is fully functional (still a tad painful but...), and... well would you look at that... new writing!

Yes you saw that correctly, we have made progress on our first book. Our beta readers (we could still use a few more BTW, see here ) are enjoying their first new chapters in what seems like forever. We have Act I written (12 chapters) but the editing process is of course time-consuming.

To coincide with work resuming we also completely rebuilt our website. Hopefully everything is working correctly, if not just drop us a line!

I know this update is light on details but I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that we are alive!


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