Premiere book series - Trials of Darkness

Coming 2015 on all major eBook platforms.

About the Authors

Welcome! I am Philip Brooks and I first met Amanda in 2005 while living in the very rural southern Oregon town of Klamath Falls. Immediately we were drawn to each others unusual ways; her the eccentric musician and me the tech nerd with a very dark imagination. We were married a few years later and continuously surprise each other with the state of our lives: the swiftness of our courtship, our ability to drop everything to return to school together, and now realizing our life long dreams of being writers. One of our very good friends posted this on our website and it sums us up nicely

"I really admire the way you two have taken life by the balls and are fervently pursuing your interests. It inspires me and gives me hope."

We currently live in Eugene, Oregon with our 2 dogs (aka our kids), a Shih Tzu named Lady and a Pug name Mardi. Our adventure in self publishing will hopefully be a long and happy one but no matter what that will pale in comparison to our adventures together.

We write our books as true collaborations. Every step of the way we debate and massage every aspect of our creations. We each have areas of specialization but every part of our books is a combined effort. Our writing is aimed at a mature audience: Violence, sex, nail-biting suspense, and very dark themes. Forget what you think you know about the typical fantasy novel, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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