Premiere book series - Trials of Darkness

Coming 2015 on all major eBook platforms.

About Amanda Brooks

I was born overseas in England as a product of being a “navy brat” but, I’ve lived in Oregon for pretty much the rest of my life to this point. The few other places I lived just couldn’t, in my eyes, compare to the beauty of Oregon. As a child I was incredibly into music (and still am), but my second love was always reading. I remember when I was really young, around four or five years old, my mother used to read to my sister and I after dinner. The first book I remember her reading to us was J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

While in grade school I spent a lot of time reading lots of different kinds of books. The more I read the more I found myself drawn to books with fantastical themes, such as magic, ghosts, shape-shifters, and the like. By time I was in Junior High I found that I really enjoyed reading fantasy books by authors like Dean R. Koontz, Steven King, and Anne Rice. I also read other a lot of other types of fantasy books as well. I also really enjoyed playing fantasy games. Whereas I always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, I could never find anyone else that would be interested in playing these types of role-playing games other than my sister. We tried a few games, and unfortunately, with just the two of us, it didn’t work out to well.

As an adult I pursued my first love of music and ended up getting a Bachelor’s Degree in music and a Master’s Degree in education. All the while I was in college I still remained an avid reader of fiction books, adding my now favorite author to the roster, Laurell K. Hamilton, along with my others as well. While I was finishing my Master’s Degree at Southern Oregon University I met my wonderful husband and co-author Philip, and we quickly discovered that among all the things that we have in common we also both love reading dark fantasy type books.  I also discovered that Phil loved to play D&D and had been playing for years. With his help we were able to find of group of other players and I had my first chance to use D&D as a creative outlet for creating fantastic characters and putting them into all kinds of fun and interesting situations.

I’ve thought about writing for many, many years but never really considered it too seriously for many reasons. One of which was when I was teaching music I never really had the time to pursue it. However, thanks to budget cuts in the school systems I now find myself with the time to be able to follow some of my other interests and loves.

A few years back Philip came up with a wonderful character named Borlin, who had one of the most entertaining background stories I’ve ever heard. I’ve known for a long time that Philip is extremely creative and is a great writer and I’ve tried to encourage him to share this story with the world. As time went on he and I discussed this idea quite a bit and the story has been morphing and re-shaping it’s self over time, including adding in several of my own character creations.  We’ve had a lot of fun shaping this world and these characters and we’ve decided that it’s time to share our characters with the rest of the world!


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