Premiere book series - Trials of Darkness

Coming 2015 on all major eBook platforms.

About Philip Brooks

I lived most of my life in central California, where as a child I lived with my mother, sister and grandmother. When I was young I was really nerdy so I spent much of the time reading. I sampled all that the library had to offer. I loved sci-fi movies and TV so I started there. I frequently found myself reading tech manuals, for example: on the space shuttle, or early computers. Sadly, other than intellectual curiosity nothing really grabbed me, that is until I found fantasy.

My first experience with fantasy came when a neighbor gave me the first book in David Eddings' series The Belgariad and I was hooked! I read that and The Malloreon, all ten books, in one summer when I was 13. From there it was down hill, every book I read was fantasy and every creative writing task I was given in school was some kind of swords and sorcery fantasy but I was largely discouraged from continuing my writing as they all were of a rather dark nature and, quite frankly, scared my teachers. Several times I was referred to the school counselor because of my stories. Eventually my darker creative side found an outlet in Dungeons and Dragons where I would thrill, excite, and terrify my players. At the time, the early 90's, the notion of writing a fantasy novel was laughable. The market was flooded with books geared towards the young adults and publishers wouldn't touch the kinds of things I would write, mature themed dark fantasy, with a 10' pole. So for decades D&D was my only creative outlet.

As an adult I developed a love of history and specifically the history of monotheism and the development of the various religions based on that ideology. Yet my love of fantasy never wavered, unfortunately as an adult it became more and more difficult to gather others together for regular gaming sessions. The pressure built.

I met Amanda, my wife and extraordinarily creative co-author, in 2004 shortly after moving to southern Oregon. We quickly found that fantasy stories was at the very top of the list many things we had in common. I introduced her to the darker side of my imagination by teaching her D&D and she started to encourage me to write again. That is when the insane dwarf Borlin was born. I wrote a 13 page back story on our "hero" that was both tragic and encouraging. What to do with him?

For years we toyed with the idea of writing a full novel from this story but time and, to be honest, the fear of publishers rejection kept the story on the back burner. As luck would have it in early 2012 we found ourselves with enough free time to give writing an honest try. We spend night after night discussing how we would do it, what kind of story and who our audience would be. With the popularity of eBooks we decided that we would self-publish to digital only and with that decision the last real roadblock (excuse) to writing was removed.

So the books that will come are the result of my pent-up imagination for all things fantasy and if it is anything like my previous experiences we are all in for one HELL OF A RIDE!



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