Premiere book series - Trials of Darkness

Coming 2015 on all major eBook platforms.

The first three books of the Trials of Darkness series.

An epic dark fantasy series for adults only, available soon.

The Maligns: The four primal elementals of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Ancient entities of raw power and emotion predating all other sentient beings in the universe. Barred from ever fully returning to Irion, the world that spawned them. Their punishment from Aomen, the Holy Creator, who sacrificed himself nearly a thousand years ago to end a cataclysmic war they began on all sentient life. The Maligns and their war against Aomen and his creations; which is nothing less than all life on Irion, has rendered all but the land of Endreos uninhabitable. Unfortunately, the metaphysical barrier created by the Holy Creator's sacrifice is weakening; and the few that know this have no answers as to why.

Borlin: a dwarf brought into existence through a vile ritual which required the slaughter of his entire clan along with the sacrifice of the most powerful minions of the Maligns. Intended to be a killing machine with one purpose: harvest the souls of sentient beings and carry them to the minions of the Maligns in order to complete a dark ritual which will allow them to permanently manifest once again on Irion. There is only one problem with the Maligns plan: Borlin was never intended to have a soul. Even one so tattered, tortured and frayed. Alone Borlin has little chance of avoiding the destiny wrought for him by evil. Yet, hope comes to Borlin when his path crosses those of an innocent yet mysterious young woman with a power deemed heretical long ago and a pair of Gadaver twins: one a deadly temptress, the other a pretty boy rogue.

Borlin must hold onto what little remains of his sanity and discover the Maligns' plan or he will bring about the end of all life on Irion.

Darkness Within spans three volumes:

  • Book I– The Darkness Within – 2015
  • Book II – Deeper Darkness – TBA
  • Book III – Absolute Darkness – TBA

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