Premiere book series - Trials of Darkness

Coming 2015 on all major eBook platforms.

The Darkness Within, the first book in the Trials of Darkness series.

A blending of epic dark fantasy with adults only themes.

Back Cover Blurb

Borlin's life is one of solitude. Wandering the cold forests of the north, stalking his prey like a wild animal, and trying to avoid contact with other dwarves and humans... lest they too become his prey. This is his self-imposed exile from his home, his adopted clan, from civilization of any kind. This is the only way to keep others safe, from him.

His life was never his own. The Maligns created Borlin for a dark purpose, but they never planned on him having a soul. With that soul, as tattered and frayed as it is, Borlin feels the pain of guilt over every single murder he has committed, every life cut short, everything. His exile upset this dark purpose, for now.

Borlin's life of solitude is about to come to an end. A chance encounter with a young woman who carries the forbidden spark of magic brings Borlin out of exile and back on his destiny's path. The fate of all life on Irion depends on where that path leads him.
Exile would have been safer.

-The Darkness Within


Read: Chapter 1 Draft NOW! (Revised 12/16/2014)

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